Juliet Mills--Phoebe Figalilly or "Nanny"

What has Juliet Mills been up to lately, you ask? Well, you can see Juliet starring in the new soap opera "Passions" as Tabitha Lennox--an evil witch (but very funny!) who loves to wreak havoc on the people of Harmony, Maine. It's been described as a cross between "Dark Shadows" and "Peyton Place" so be sure to tune in! Juliet was also recently seen in the movie "The Other Sister." Juliet is an accomplished cook and has written a wonderfully insightful book called "Mind, Body & Soul, In Balance." After Nanny & the Professor, Juliet went on to win an Emmy as Mrs. Cady in the mini series QB VII in 1975. She also has been doing lots of stage work and guest shots in various TV shows. Juliet comes from a famous family, her father is academy award winner Sir John Mills and her sister is none other than Hayley Mills. Juliet is married to actor Maxwell Caulfield and has two children, Sean and Melissa.

Richard Long--Professor Harold Everett

Richard Long is probably best known for his role as Jarrod Barkley in the long-running series "Big Valley." He also starred in "Maverick" and later as a detective in "Bourbon Street Beat" and in "77 Sunset Strip." He also starred in several films including "The Egg and I" and "Tomorrow Is Forever." Mr. Long was born on December 17, 1927 in Chicago. His first wife, Suzan Ball, died of cancer in 1955. He then married Mara Corday in 1957 and the couple had three children--Carey, Gregory and Valerie. Sadly, Richard Long died on December 21, 1974 of a heart ailment just four days after his 47 birthday. He is still greatly missed by all of us fans.

David Doremus--Hal Everett

After "Nanny & the Professor", David Doremus went on to guest star in "The Waltons" as Mary Ellen's and Erin's good friend G.W.. I was able to catch up with David during a phone call in December of 2000. Folks, all I can say is What a nice guy!! David is doing really well. He's been happily married for many years and has four children with whom he enjoys spending time with. Currently he's not in show business but is the general manager of a company that installs mobile electronics in Los Angeles. He's a pretty busy guy but is hoping to one day return to acting. He really enjoyed acting in "Nanny and the Professor" and thought of Juliet like a second mom. He also thought Richard Long was a terrific guy, too. To this day he's still recognized by fans and he gets a real kick out of that. Hope to see you on TV again real soon, David!!

Trent Lehman--Bentley "Butch" Everett

I hate to be a downer here but on January 18, 1982 Trent took his own life when he was only 20 years old.

Click here to read Trent's obituary.

Kim Richards--Prudence Everett

Kim Richards was a busy child actress who starred in two of my favorite childhood Disney movies "Escape to Witch Mountain" and "Return to Witch Mountain". She appeared in several TV series including "Here We Go Again", "Little House on the Prairie", "The Rockford Files", "James At 15" and "Hello, Larry." Although she declared herself retired at the age of 18, Kim has since returned to acting twice: in 1984, for "Meatballs Part II" and "Tuff Turf", and again in 1990 with a small role in the crime thriller "Escape." Kim is enjoying her retirement and loves to live the casual life. She gets regular calls to make appearances and is still deciding whether or not to return to acting. She is currently single and the mother of four children.