By Bob Olson as it appeared in TV Digest Dec. 19, 1970

We dined last week with a television star whose immediate personal concern seemed to be that he had gotten a "C" on a recent report card. Of course, the pain of getting a "C" was diluted somewhat by an "A" and several "B's" on the same report card.

This concern with his grades might seem natural to a fan of David Doremus, the 13-year-old towhead who has the role of Hal Everett in the ABC Network show, "Nanny and the Professor." His TV role often shows him with a particular interest in astronomy, science or some other field which seems to put him a bit ahead of his elders in the show.

But to paint a picture of intellectual pursuit for this lad doesn't produce a very accurate composite of what he is really like. He'll tell you that math and science are among his favorite seventh grade subjects; but he would rather be playing baseball or basketball. Or water skiing. Or hunting with his father.

Actually, casual conversation with this young man might make you think he's the kid who lives two doors down the street. But then you glance across the dining table and into the next room. There in glorious TV color you see that infectious grin, and you know that the very same grin is sitting next to you.

Incidentally, that grin is not a put-on. Quite the contrary, it never comes off.

Although "Nanny" is David's first series involvement in television, he's been appearing in TV commercials since he was seven years old. What does he do with his money? He's saving it---with an eye toward attending the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. David's ambition is to become a dentist---and an actor.

We were dining in the very center of a rather busy restaurant, and a third member of our dinner party caused something of a minor sensation among the women at nearby tables.

Even before we became aware of the whispered comments around us, we realized that David's father, Robert A. Doremus, looks a great deal like Gary Crosby.

Our dinner party also included another personality who seldom appears in public without creating some comment---Saint Paul's Mayor Charles McCarty. Together with his youngest son and a daughter, we found the mayor a delightful dinner companion. Actually, there was a special reason for the mayor's presence: the following day David Doremus appeared as a special guest at the Saint Paul Mayor's Annual Children's Christmas Party.