Oh, What a Tangled Web

(Airdate 09/13/71)

The Everetts begin a third magical year with Nanny (Juliet Mills), at a new day and time. The season opener follows the trials and tribulations of 13 year old Hal as he tries to impress an older woman (she's 16). Guest cast: Bunny: Annette Ferra. Francine: Eileen Baral. Also Barry Hamilton, Harry Moses.

The Flower Children

(Airdate 09/20/71)

Ecology and romance don't mix...at least not when Everett's ecology-minded lady friend learns that he's going to chop down an ailing old oak tree. Guest cast: Marjorie: Larraine Stephens. Bender: Alvy Moore.

Sunday's Hero

(Airdate 09/27/71)

Sportscaster Howard Cosell and touch football are the comic elements in "Sunday's Hero." Imagine quarterback Cosell getting tackled by a bunch of kids and losing the ball on the old Statue of Liberty play. Sportswriter Jim Murray appears as himself. Guest cast: Miles Taylor: Howard Cosell. Francine: Eileen Baral. Jimmy: Ric Carrott. Also Ryan MacDonald, Dick Wilson, Roger Perry and Jim Murray.

South Sea Island Sweetheart

(Airdate 10/04/71)

Ray Bolger makes a rare TV appearance, playing Nanny's roguish Uncle Horace. The old charmer, just back from the South Seas, finds himself in great demand--as rainmaker in Nanny's drought-stricken town. Guest cast: Luana: Naomi Stevens. Also Martin Speer.

Aunt Henrietta's Premonition

(Airdate 10/11/71)

Elsa Lanchester rattles the Everetts in her role as Nanny's Aunt Henrietta. The eccentric grande dame is in town with her circus--and a disturbing premonition that Nanny's about to be carried off by a mustached stranger. Guest cast: Mrs. Fowler: Patsy Garrett. Also Bob Hastings, Bruce Morgan, Anthony Caruso.

Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh

(Airdate 10/18/71)

Another star turns to TV. Noted British actor Brian Bedford plays a charming Englishman who has lots of surprises for the Everetts. Biggest is his intention to marry Nanny.

Aunt Henrietta and the Jinx

(Airdate 10/25/71)

Elsa Lanchester returns as Aunt Henrietta in a battle between reason and superstition. (Butch is convinced he's a jinx).

Nanny and Her Witch's Brew

(Airdate 11/01/71)

A bubbling cauldron, a black cat and the sight of Nanny on a broomstick...comic elements in a story about one whopping case of mistaken identity. Guest cast: Frank Aletter, Patsy Garrett, Eileen Baral.

The Conversion of Brother Ben

(Airdate 11/08/71)

Robert Sterling, ghostly husband in the long-running "Topper" series, is back after a nine-year absence. He plays Everett's wealthy brother in a tale about the meaning of love. Guest cast: Dean: Harry Nickox. Also Roger Perry and Ryan MacDonald.

Aunt Henrietta and the Poltergeist

(Airdate 11/15/71)

Elsa Lanchester returns in her delightful role as Aunt Henrietta. This time, the colorful old gal is helping to get rid of a ghost (or whoever is rearranging the Everett's furniture in the night).

Professor Pygmalian Plays Golf

(Airdate 11/22/71

Golf lessons for Hal provide the comedy in "Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf". Guest stars: Larry: Noam Pitlik. Golf Marshall: William Bakewell.

The Great Debate

(Airdate 11/29/71)

The Professor is tutoring a flunking basketball star; Hal is groping for a way to win an elusive coed. Guest cast: Richie Cooper: Ed Begley, Jr. Skip Whitney: John Larch. Also Chick Hearns and Frank Campanella.

One For the Road

(Airdate 12/06/71)

A light essay about a father's concern for his son--sparked by 13-year old Hal's itch for independence. Guest cast: Businessman: Pat Harrington. Ticket Seller: Charles Lane. Jimmy: Brian Tochi. Timmy: Clint Howard.

Good-Bye Arabella, Hello

(Airdate 12/13/71)

A comedy about the impatience of youth finds the children making their dad feel as old as Nanny's vintage auto. Guest cast: Harry: Jack Burns. George: Eddie Ryder. Woman: Bella Bruck. Also Bob Kramer.

Whatever Happened to Felicity?

(Airdate 12/27/71)

A problem familiar to many families unfolds in this story about two brothers and a little sister who feels like the odd man out. Guest cast: Trimble: Walter Baldwin. Mrs. Trimble: Edith Evanson. Deliveryman: Len Rose. Postman: Don Beddoe.Last show of the series.

There were also two one hour "Nanny and the Professor" cartoons that aired on the "ABC Saturday Superstar Movie":

Nanny and the Professor

Fred Calvert Productions adapted Twentieth Century Fox's live-action Nanny and the Professor (9/30/72) for an animated tale about a mysterious microdot and the struggle to protect and deliver it to the proper authorities. It featured the voices of Juliet Mills, Richard Long, David Doremus, Kim Richards and Trent Lehman reprising their roles from the popular night-time series.

Nanny & the Professor and the Phantom of the Circus

Nanny and the Professor and the Phantom of the Circus (11/17/73) marked the animated return of Professor Harold Everett's enchanted housekeeper, Phoebe Figalilly. In this, the final Fred Calvert Production in the series, Aunt Henrietta (voiced by Joan Gerber) reports the mysterious disappearance of several performers from her traveling circus. Nanny, the Professor and his family attempt to locate the source of the problem. In addition to the actors from the original series, other voices were supplied by Thurl Ravenscroft, Walker Edmiston, Paul Shively and Dave Ketchum.