EPISODE GUIDE--SEASON TWO--Fridays at 8:00pm

The Human Element

(Airdate 09/25/70)

It's Nanny versus the computer in "The Human Element" as the series begins its second season. Her belief in the human mystique is put to the test when the professor arranges a computer match for a pal and a computerized race for Nanny's vintage car. Cameo Role: Charles Nelson Reilly. Guest Cast: Poole: Jack Kruschen. Larry: Keith Luckett.

The Haunted House

(Airdate 10/02/70)

The professor is skeptical, Nanny is noncommittal, and a parapsychologist is a true believer as they investigate the children's report of ghostly manifestations in an abandoned house. Guest cast: Jack Albertson, Joey Foreman.

Star Bright

(Airdate 10/09/70)

Wishing on a star and pixie powers are devices used by Nanny to help Prudence and the Professor. Prudence wants a role in her school play; Everett's trying to land a new professor for the university. Guest cast: Carraway: Arthur O'Connell. Martin: Lee Delano. Mrs. Baker: Jan Shutan. Also Brenda Kelly.

E.S. Putt

(Airdate 10/16/70)

Butch breaks his father's lucky putter, leaving it squarely up to Nanny to convince the Professor he can win a tournament without it (as ESP expert has assured Everett he's going to lose). Guest cast: Englund: Joe Cypher. Also Patrick O'Moore.

A Letter For Nanny

(Airdate 10/30/70)

The sight of Nanny weeping over a mysterious letter sends the Everetts into a frenzy of activity to keep her happy. Guest cast: Mailman: Don Beddoe.

The Great Broadcast of 1936

(Airdate 11/06/70)

What's strange about listening to the radio? Nothing at all, except that Nanny's old radio is apparently reliving its heyday--it's broadcasting programs from the Thirties. Guest cast: Miss Bradshaw: Bridget Hanley. Also Burt Mustin, Mike Sims.

The Masculine-Feminine Mystique

(Airdate 11/13/70)

Two male-ego crises: the Professor is sorely tried by his new assistant, a militant feminist; son Hal is being humiliated by a girl baseball prodigy. Guest cast: Dr. Carlson: Abby Dalton. Mrs. Fowler: Patsy Garrett. Francine: Eileen Baral. Also Roger Perry.

The India Queen

(Airdate 11/20/70)

A strange voyage is in store for Prof. Everett. It's the result of Nanny's rainy day suggestion that the boys build a raft. Guest cast: Old Salt: Paul Bryar. Lineman: Ted Grossman. Delivery Man: Tom Moses.

Back To Nature

(Airdate 10/23/70)

Nanny's determined to take the Everetts on a camping trip. She's trying to get the Professor to assist in preserving a wilderness area. Guest cast: Roger Perry.

The Visitor

(Airdate 12/04/70)

Butch's Canadian pen pal arrives out of the blue, claiming that his parents let him hitchhike all the way from Manitoba. Guest cast: Billy: Lee Casey. Parsons: Van Williams. Mrs. Parsons: Carolyn Conwell. Jackwith: Fredd Wayne.

My Son, The Sitter

(Airdate 12/11/70)

Nanny overcomes the Professor's objections to having 12-year old Hal baby-sit for his brother and sister. It's a victory that everyone has cause to rue. Guest cast: Dr. Neilson: Aneta Corsaut. Mary Ann: Patty Bodeen. Also Pat Morita, Eileen Baral and Patsy Garrett.

From Butch, With Love

(Airdate 12/18/70)

Everett starts Butch on a savings account to teach him the wisdom of thrift. But the boy becomes an obsessive hoarder, even charing the family for odd jobs. Guest cast: Haller: Eddie Mayehoff. Also Joe Mell, Helena Hatcher.

The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody

(Airdate 12/25/70)

"The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody" is Nanny's campaign to restore an embittered recluse to the human race. Guest cast: Peabody: Paul Winchell. Robinson: Dabney Coleman. Also Vincent Van Patten.

A Diller, A Dollar

(Airdate 1/8/71)

Prudence's first day at school offers the usual excitement bordering on panic, and that goes for the teacher as well: it's her first day also. Guest cast: Laurel: Katherine Justice. Also Herbert Anderson, Eric Olson.

Separate Rooms

(Airdate 1/15/71)

Van Johnson plays Uncle Bob Everett, who pays a visit just in time to give his brother a fresh perspective on Butch and Hal's latest hassle: separate rooms.

The Human Fly

(Airdate 1/22/71)

The distinguished actor John Mills joins his daughter Juliet (Nanny) in this episode about Nanny's eccentric Uncle Alfred, who holds the children enthralled with his wonderful stories--and a human-fly act. Guest stars: John Mills, Tommy Tune, Eric Shea and Lisa Doremus.

The Man Who Came to Pasta

(Airdate 1/29/71)

Cesar Romero plays Fabrizio Schlavoni, a famous Italian director whose arrival stirs the Everett household with excitement...until his visit is prolonged by a siege of gout. Guest stars: Cesar Romero, Shep Sanders, Alfred Dennis, Patsy Garrett and Eileen Baral.

The Art of Relationships

(Airdate 2/5/71)

Nanny enrolls in night school, taking "The Art of Relationships" a course taught by a playboy professor eager to give her private lessons. Guest cast: Roger: Bert Convy. Maureen: Karen Huston. Fisk: Noam Pitlik. Also Ryan MacDonald and Cindy Williams.

The Balloon Ladies

(Airdate 2/12/71)

Ida Lupino and character actress Marjorie Bennett star as "The Balloon Ladies," two of Nanny's loveable aunts who draw a mob of reporters, tourists and Fem Libbers when they descend on the Everetts, quite literally, in a balloon. Guest cast: Justine: Ida Lupino. Agatha: Marjorie Bennett. Mrs. Fowler: Patsy Garrett. Miss Millstone: Jeanne Cooper. Pennybrook: Maurice Dallimore. Also Don Beddoe.

The Prodigy

(Airdate 2/19/71)

Visiting the Everetts: a 12 year old prodigy who keeps everyone on his toes except a deflated Hal--once resident genius, now second best. Guest cast: Todd Baron, Dave Willock, George Barrows.

How Many Candles?

(Airdate 2/26/71)

The children get precious little help from Nanny in solving the mystery of her passport--it makes her nearly 107 years old. Juliet Mills (Nanny) wrote the script. Guest cast: Mrs. Rumble: Ruth McDevitt. Rumble: Percy Helton. Also Steven Perry.

The Unknown Factor

(Airdate 3/5/71)

Everett and son Butch wrestle with the requirements of the fairness code. Butch plans to win a contest by unethical means; his dad is tempted to give preferential treatment to a scholarship student.

Kid Stuff

(Airdate 3/12/71)

Nanny and the kids stage an evening of amateur entertainment to finance the restoration of a decrepit park fountain. Vaudevillian Eddie Foy, Jr. plays a straight role as Finchley, the park custodian. . Guest cast: Atwood: James Millhollin. Francine: Eileen Baral.

The Communication Gap

(Airdate 3/26/71)

Everett gets a love note meant for a student and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Worse, his discouraging word to the lovesick coed only piques her interest. Guest cast: Susan: Elizabeth Baur. Also Tommy Tune.