Richard Long--His 21-Inch Home

TV and Richard Long just seem to go together--wherever his career takes him, it always brings him back to a TV series.

Nanny and the Professor, Richard's current series, is his fifth television assignment, and it promises to keep him busy for some time to come.

Before he started on TV, Richard's was a familiar face to movie audiences. But with Maverick, he picked up loads of new fans, and lots of offers. He stayed with the show, however, and later moved on to Bourbon Street Beat, playing a Southern detective.

Richard made some TV history when his Bourbon Street Beat character was transferred to 77 Sunset Strip, but he was headed for a return trip to the range as a departure from his years of "undercover" work.

Big Valley gave him the chance to get back on a horse, and Richard explains that he rode for "four long, saddle-sore years." Now that he's playing the Professor and Juliet Mills, Nanny, he's glad to be trading in the excitement of police work and the rigors of the range for the not so quiet life of a family man!

Richard, through his years of experience, feels comfortable on a TV sound stage and he should! He's starred in five of the biggest series in TV history, and that little twenty-one-inch box is really his home.